Profile - Floodlight/Foundation - Promoting Public Art and Artistic Exchange between India and Rest of the World


"Build and they will see"


Floodlight Foundation is the first of its kind nonprofit artist mentoring and management agency in India. The Foundation provides artists with an environment where they can fine-tune their practice, receive curatorial support, technical guidance in making their works, and finally get help in promoting their works. Floodlight was set up to promote the patronage and appreciation of the visual arts. While acting as a platform for young and emerging artists, Floodlight also intends to build art awareness and appreciation among collectors and broaden the base of art connoisseurship. As India's foremost patron of new artistic commissions, projects and exhibitions in public spaces, our main drive is to increase the average person's engagement with the arts and to make art a part of everyday life.

Note from the Founder

Floodlight has brought art to the people, to drive cultural change at the grass roots by removing artworks from their limiting traditional setting of museums and galleries to a place where people are free to engage with art, without the private sector pressures of a quick sale or the public sectors limitations. We aim to recalibrate the appreciation of art and trigger an authentic conversation around the piece, the artist and about the arts in general. We will work on two levels, at a macro level as a producer and presenter of public art and at a micro level as a promoter and mentor of young emerging talent. We believe that art should not be bound by geographical limits and want to be an important linch pin between the art world in India and the rest of the world so affecting cross-boundary artistic and cultural exchange. Thus we will invite Indian and international artists to present public works of art in unique contexts and will invite donors and sponsors to commission such works.

The foundation has been actively involved in promoting young artists by giving curatorial support, organizing exhibitions and by giving cash grants on a monthly basis to support their production and living expenses. We also routinely collect works by promising and established artists and are constantly looking at discovering new talents. We have also taken upon the role of an art advisory consulting on private residences, public buildings and hotels etc.

PUBLICA is our flagship initiative and after the successful first edition launch in 2013, we returned this year in 2016 in a bigger, better and more engaging avatar. Publica 2016 was all about the public and about breaking down notions of high art, bringing art to urban spaces, beautifying them and re-energizing them, but most of all, it was about the artists. It was about providing them a wider reach and audience, and a platform to be experimental while thinking about the consumption and reception of their works.

Thus we will invite Indian and international artists to present public works of art in unique contexts and will invite donors and sponsors who want to commission such works.

This year the curatorial theme for Publica was TOUCH. The theme was deliberately left quite loose, leaving room for artist's own interpretation; it could be a tactile sculpture or anything that touches your mind, emotions, sensitivities, ideas and specially intend to provoke a strong reaction of the senses and also deepen the viewer’s engagement. Further on, this year we launched PUBLICA Editions, where art works by notable artists (both international and Indian), were made available at accessible prices, mirroring our belief of broadening the arts connoisseurship in India.

We feel deeply grateful and encouraged with all the support we have been getting from our artists, venue partners, our corporate sponsors and the public at large and continue to power on.

Education Partner

International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA) (, established in 2000 has handed out BFAs in the fields of fine art, textile, fashion design and more recently animation. The institute has on its database over a 1000 artists and designers.

IIFA has privileged tie-ups with University of the Arts, UK and the Prince’s Drawing School, where in faculty routinely visit the school exposing st

udents to worldwide contemporary trends and teachers to international teaching standards.

In Phase II, Floodlight will also tie up with other leading fine art, design and architectural schools across India.

About the Founder

Surbhi Modi, curator, artist, mentor and creative entrepreneur is spearheading Floodlight. She holds a Masters in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London and an MBA from IMI, New Delhi. Mrs. Modi, having industry experience spanning ten years in her family business, Stic Pens Ltd., one of India's pioneering stationery brands and in the management of her family's real estate portfolio.

Sitting on the advisory committee of the International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA) where she has led several initiatives to increase interactions between the industry and the university thus improving student's exposure to the working world.

In 2011, in an awareness drive for Arts for India, a UK-based charity, Mrs. Modi curated an exhibition at the Olympia International Fine Arts Fair, "Age of (T) Reason" exploring the dialogue between contemporary art and its Fine Arts predecessors. Featured artists included Picasso, Jamil Naqsh, Pissarro and many more.

In 2013, Surbhi curated the highly esteemed PUBLICA, a month long public art festival in New Delhi that went viral throughout the city. In April 2014 she curated the exhibition "Beauty in the Beast", celebrating Bacon's notion of ordered chaos.

Surbhi Modi

Our Experience with the Arts

We have organized art exhibitions at renowned International venues like, Tate Britain, House of Lords, New York Art Academy, Ueno Art Museum, Tokyo. In 2007, on the invitation of the United Nations, we held an exhibition for UNESCO’s Global Forum on ‘Power of Peace’ in order to promote the Indian masters of contemporary art. Featured artists included the late M.F. Hussain, S.H. Raza, Gaitonde, Ram Kumar among others.

Award for Art, Culture and Education

The Late Mrs. Dayawati Modi, wife of late Rai Bahadur Gujar Mal Modi ‘Padma Bhushan’ Founder of Modi Group of Industries and grandmother of Karan Modi, was a great philanthropic lady. Her greatness came from her tireless work as a dedicated educationist and social worker, she put in immense efforts to provide education to women and children, particularly those among the underprivileged. Mrs. Modi opened many schools, colleges, hostels, and temples and also took a keen and active interest in the establishment of adult education and vocational training centres, rehabilitation of widows and destitute women.

The Dayawati Modi Foundation for Art, Culture & Education was established to commemorate her love for Art, Culture and Education.

Past Awardees include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, S.H. Raza, Tyeb Mehta, Satish Gujral, Akbar Padamsee, Manjit Bawa, ace musicians Asha Bhonsle, Pandit Ravi Shanka.